Research and Scholarly Activity

My current research focuses on space systems engineering, particularly on technologies and knowledge that would help us "tame the space environment", as we wander further into our solar system. My work focuses on understanding the space environment (radiation, lunar dust, plasma, and micrometeorites and space debris primarily, with some focus on atmospheric effects and lunar and Martian resources). Armed with this understanding, I work on developing technologies that can help us and our infrastructure survive the environment. These range from dust and space debris mitigation technologies, to radiation detection techniques, to in-situ resource utilization.

There are two secondary areas of research that I also tip my feet into every now and then. First, on the industry side, I have been involved on R&D work focused on developing AI-based tools in the defence and space sector. Second, having worked as an educator for many years I have a few active long term projects focused on developing open educational content.

Past Research Projects

I am still in the process of setting up my research activities, but you can see some of the past projects I have worked on at the linked below.