Community Involvement

I am very active within the international space community and like to volunteer my time when possibke to push the vision of organizations that focus on workforce development forward. 

I am a member of the International Astronautical Federation's Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC), and the Workforce Development-Young Professionals Program (WD-YPP) Committee. Through these committees, I work as a member of the IAC International Program Committee to Chair sessions (usually E1.2). I also coordinate the Global Technical Symposium (GTS) program and the E1 Symposium at the International Astronautical Congress. I am also a judge for the IAF Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) Grant Programme. 

I am also an Honorary Board Member of the Space Generation Advisory Council, and its former Chair, Operations Manager and Executive Secretary among other roles. During my tenure at SGAC, thanks to the great work and support of my team, we managed to increase the organizations membership to 16,000 (4 times what we started with).  We also increased the number of activities (reaching 3 global, 5 regional and more than 30 local events with over 100 scholarships), which was only possible due to strategic partnerships with space agencies (CSA, NASA, ESA, CNES, ASI and DLR), companies (Lockheed Martin), nonprofits (IAF, Space Foundation, SEDS USA, UK SEDs, SEDS Canada), and events (Space Tech Expo Europe and USA, SpaceOps, ISEF). Overall, my term ended with a more financially stable and larger organization, which has since grown even more.

This growth was informed by the Vision 2020 plan developed during my term as Co-Chair, and a revamp in the organization's structure during that time, both of which I am very proud of and have replicated at other organizations. Our efforts were well recognized in the International Space Community, earning SGAC the  IAF 3G Diversity Award 2018.

Conferences and Events Organized

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