Ali Nasseri

AI | Space Systems | Physics | STEM Education | Business Strategy

I am an aerospace engineer, turned educator turned physicist. When not pushing the boundaries of science, I try to share what I know with the rest of the world and contribute to shaping the future of space activities.

I currently work as an Executive Research Coordinator and Group Manager for the Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (PLAI) at UBC, led by Professor Frank Wood. I also work as a consultant in the areas of aerospace systems, project management and business strategy. I am the Director of Engineering at LDC Solutions, a Member of the Expert Board at Skolkovo Foundation's Space and Telecommunications Cluster, and involved with multiple nonprofits focusing on space or science communication.

This website highlights some of the projects I have worked on, and tells you a bit about what is going on in my professional life. Hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to reach out if you have an idea or something we can work on together!

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